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Website to learn more about the Calgary Lawn aeration services we offer.

Canada Yard Pro provides professional grass aeration services all through the year.

We service all geographical parts of Calgary.

Lawn Aeration

A Grass Aeration machine is devised to perforate the turf and pull tiny plugs of the lawn out, conditioning the ground and allowing water and carbon dioxide to get to the root system wherein it is required. We are asked regularly, "How frequently should someone have their yard aeration carried out?", and the answer can change. Lawns with higher foot traffic from kids or pet dogs playing needs to be done a lot more frequently than a yard that has little traffic. Often, it needs to be carried out yearly. A quick evaluation to decide if your grass requires an aeration is to water the lawn for around five mins, and quickly inspect to see if there is water either remaining on the top of the soil or if there is water flowing off your yard. If either of these conditions becomes seen, your grass is probably overdue for aeration.

Canada Yard Pro utilizes the newest lawn aeration resources offered to optimize the end results.

Visit the Canada Yard Pro Website to learn more about
the Calgary lawn aeration services we offer.

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